Diluidor Gravimétrico - Smart Dilutor

Weight range: 2400g (tare included)
Display Resolution: 0.1g
Weight inaccuracy: <1% (for weight =100g)
Calibration weight: 100g to 2000g users configurable (100g steps)
Delivery speed: 950ml(min (tube diameter:5mm).
Sample weight resolution: 0.01g (after stabilization)
Dilution inaccuracy: <1% (for dilution weight =100g) / <2% (for dilution weight =50g)

Dispensing inaccuracy: <1% (for dispensing weight =100g) / <2% (for dispensing weight =50g)
Dispensing range: 20g to full weighting range
Selectable surface vibration compensation levels: 0-4
Mains: 100~240ACV 50/60 Hz
Power: 40W
Dimensions (WxHxD): 300x265x325 mm
Weight: 6.5Kg
Printer connection: Serial RS232
Printer records include: Date, Time, Operator ID, Sample ID, Sample Weight, Dilution Factor, Diluent ID, Total Weight, Final Accuracy, Last Calibration Date IUL Barcode reader connection